We Impact

Impact Investment Leaders (IIL) is an Impact Investment consulting and management firm. At IIL, we strengthen leadership in people and organizations. We teach investors to make the change they want to see through Triple Impact Investing.

We Lead

IIL is comprised of professionals with diverse experience in leadership, successful entrepreneurship, family office management, investing, philanthropy, and many other areas. We believe that true leadership is the key ingredient
to success.


We Invest

We believe that investing should bring not only a financial return, but also a social return to a community, and personal return to the family and self. This is accomplished through Triple Impact Investing.

Triple Impact Investing

The term "triple bottom line" is most likely known to those who are familiar with traditional impact investing. It refers to companies that have financial, social and environmental goals.


At Impact Investment Leaders we are focused on the investor and so we speak of "triple impact investing" which refers not only to the positive social and financial impact an investment may have, but also the positive non-financial impact the investment can have on the investor and the investors' family or company and employees.





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