Trained in journalism, Elise Bassett is the webmaster for Impact Investment Leaders (IIL). Elise has been a published journalist since she was 16. At 19 she became the youngest person to ever be hired by the state-wide Newspaper Deseret News.


Elise enjoys teaching and mentoring. She has taught student-run journalism classes at Brigham Young University - Idaho, and mentored budding journalists and editors, many of whom have gone on to pursue careers in journalism, editing, and other forms of writing.


Elise has built the IIL website and is in charge of managing its content. She uses her talent as a writer, editor, and journalist to keep the content fresh and compelling to inspire visitors to make a difference in the world through Triple Impact Investing.


In her spare time Elise is helping build a nonprofit that focuses on helping victims of sexual assault and educates about rape culture - We Are One in Three.


She is also the producer of a community podcast which features members of the community who have inspiring stories to tell. She is also the secretary of a writer's club which provides a space for writers of all kinds to exchange ideas and encourage each other's writing.





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